• Festival Outfit Lookbook - Effortless & Affordable

    Your lying down on the bedroom floor, on top of the clothes you just tried on and chucked away in disgust. Hundreds of clothes in your closest and yet none to choose from. I understand, going out can be very stressful when your indecisive and bored of your wardrobe. Last weekend I went to Falls Festival 2020 and no amount of outfit planning in the weeks leading up to it had prepared me for the confusion I felt on the day about what to wear! Instead, I did my hair and makeup, laid out all my outfit options and made a blog about it to help me decide... Hoping my indecisiveness can help you choose your next festival outfit too!
  • Essential Oils & Skincare

    I know what you are thinking, “Using oil for my skincare when my skin is already oily and breaking out?” “Actually putting more oil on my face?” “Eek! But you see, that’s where most of us are getting it wrong when it comes to our skincare routine. Sometimes skin irritations and problems are caused when your skin doesn’t have enough oil and hydration, because dry skin causes overproduction of your skin’s natural oils this clogs your pores. Not only this, but if your skin is dry the flaky skin can also clog your pores.
  • Tips to Growing Healthy Hair

    We’ve all been at that stage with our hair where we just want a change, whether it be after a break up, before going off to a new school, new job, or simply just because we are bored. However, for me this urge came on more frequently than my hair could handle.
    Ever since I was a kid I have been cutting, dyeing and drastically changing my poor hair every few months. One month I would chop all my hair off because I wanted to feel liberated and new. While I might of loved this for a few weeks, the next month I would be frantically massaging oil into my hair while googling other ways to speed up my hair growth. Let’s not even get into my thought process of going from dark brown, to streaks, to red, back to brown, then to blonde, no back to brown, no wait dark blonde, wait maybe I should cut it? UGHHH.
  • Skincare Routine + Glow Lab Review

    I have always been very conscious and self-aware of my skin/beauty regimes. From creating to cursing, I was either stressed out about the spots erupting on my face, pimple poppin’ all the time, watching how-to makeup Youtube videos every afternoon, or creating my own products to use on my skin. To put it vainly, I was obsessed with touching and fixing my face.