Essential Oils & Skincare

I know what you are thinking, “Using oil for my skincare when my skin is already oily and breaking out?” “Actually putting more oil on my face?” “Eek!
But you see, that’s where most of us are getting it wrong when it comes to our skincare routine. Sometimes skin irritations and problems are caused when your skin doesn’t have enough oil and hydration, because dry skin causes overproduction of your skin’s natural oils this clogs your pores. Not only this, but if your skin is dry the flaky skin can also clog your pores.
In saying this, the most important thing when it comes to essential oils is to not over do it.
Story time: When I first started getting into essential oils, I made a DIY essential oil face wash, face toner, and I was adding drops of essential oils to coconut oil as a moisturiser. While all are natural ingredients that hold amazing properties for my skin, I was over doing it wayyy too much.
My first wash I was like, “Wow my skin feels and looks so amazing and glowy”.
BUT, this did not last long as about three days later my skin was the most horrific it has ever been. Seeing me out on the street, you could have sworn I had chicken pox. To top it off, I had to go get my licence and passport photos done on the fourth/fifth day when my skin was at its worst!
I learnt the hard way that too much oil was way to abrasive for my skin, not to mention I was using cooking coconut oil as a moisturiser (insert big face palm here).
I learnt my lesson that while essential oils can do magical things and they have amazing proprieties, there is a line between enough and too much and I definitely went over it.
I am sure you have heard many times that in skin care and even hair care, a little goes a long way! But I feel like this lesson is something only we can learn for ourselves. So, this was my wake up call, I learnt it’s all about a little here and a little there; A little in my daily moisturiser, a little bit as a spot treatment, a little in my facial serum, and only when my skin needed it.
All I have to say now is, skincare is all about trial and error and it is an individual thing. My skin might hate coconut oil and frankincense oil but your skin may thrive off the moisture and antibacterial benefits of the mixture. Your skin may hate lavender oil but mine may thrive off the moisture and antibacterial benefits that it gives my skin.
Beauty is all about trial and error: So here are my top essential oils for skincare that you can trial and error for yourself!


We have all heard of this heavenly essential oil. Whether it’s to put on your pillow at night to help you sleep or used throughout the day in a blend to help anxiety, this oil is the oil of relaxation, calmness, and ease. This is exactly what it does for your skin as well. Lavender helps to soothe dry skin, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and is antibacterial. Greeks even used to use this oil to clean wounds and treat burns! This oil can be used in a spot treatment blend, in an aromatherapy face steam, in a face mist spray or simply mix a drop in with your daily moisturiser.


This oil is very similar to lavender with it’s therapeutic uses. Chamomile has healing properties, it is an anti-inflammatory and helps give the skin a healthy glowing complexion – All while soothing stress and anxiety. My favourite way to apply this one is to use cold chamomile tea bags! Simply brew chamomile tea bags in boiling water, then place in fridge until cool and apply bags to your skin! Ohh soo Soothing! Chamomile tea has also been known to be a great addition to toners.


This oil not only smells heavenly but helps reduce wrinkles, clears up the skin, speeds up healing, reduces scaring by helping blood circulation and helps to calm down the nerves. Geranium is a great addition to moisturisers, spot treatments and toners!


This oil is the oil of grounding and comfort. When applied to our skin it helps to kill bacteria, prevent signs of ageing, reduce scars and heal the skin. I use this oil with tea tree as a spot treatment!

Melaleuca (Tea tree)

This has to be my favourite essential oil for skincare, however it can be quite drying if not used correctly. On the right skin type this oil is a perfect antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that helps combat oily skin or can soothe dry skin while banishing blackheads. I personally use this oil with frankincense as a spot treatment, but I’ve heard of tea tree face washes too, if that is something that may suit your skin.


This beautiful oil helps give your skin a glowing complexion while balancing your skins production sebum. This oil is perfect for dry skin and eczema while preventing wrinkles. Patchouli is perfect for adding drops into your daily facial serum or moisturisers


This oil is the perfect anti-bacterial addition to your skincare routine. Lemongrass reduces oily skin, reduces puffy skin and helps to fight off acne. What more could an oily skin type want! This oil can be a perfect addition to your cleanser or massage oils as it is great for sore muscles as well.


Aside from it’s beautiful scent, this oil has amazing moisturising properties making it great for dry skin. Not only this, it also helps prevent wrinkles, calms the skin and gives a radiant glowing complexion. This oil is the best in facial mists and toners!

Ylang Ylang

This essential oil is a therapeutic miracle! It is the perfect anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory addition to your skincare routine. Not only this it promotes relaxation and has been known to help libido. This makes the Ylang Ylang oil a great addition to a steam facial or adding it to your moisturiser.
Oils can be a big concern when it comes to applying it to the skin as some oils can be too abrasive or just too oily. This is why, using essential oils in your skincare takes a lot of trial and error, as well as a few lessons and bad skin days!
To help with this, test oils on small patches of your skin first. Discover any irritations before you go applying it all over your face and body as essential oils can be an irritant if not used correctly and again, every individuals skin is different.
It all just depends on what your skin needs and thrives off, but the benefits of finding the perfect one/s for your skin is 100% worth it, as essential oils are great additions to skincare. They hold so many therapeutic benefits, treating you on the inside and the outside!
I hope this list can help you make a start on finding that perfection addition to your skincare. I wish you all the best with your experimenting!
Love always,
Ashlyn Ann