Festival Outfit Lookbook - Effortless & Affordable

Your lying down on the bedroom floor, on top of the clothes you just tried on and chucked away in disgust. Hundreds of clothes in your closest and yet none to choose from. I understand, going out can be very stressful when your indecisive and bored of your wardrobe. Last weekend I went to Falls Festival 2020 and no amount of outfit planning in the weeks leading up to it had prepared me for the confusion I felt on the day about what to wear! Instead, I did my hair and makeup, laid out all my outfit options and made a blog about it to help me decide... Hoping my indecisiveness can help you choose your next festival outfit too!
Here are 11 outfit options (with names) that are perfect for any festival with effortless and affordable clothing items that you probably already have in your closet!

1. Sunday Dress

Give that cute, flowing, fun dress in your closet another chance! I know you have probably worn it a hundred times but pair it with some cute sneakers, a hat and a Pinterest inspired makeup look and it's a brand new outfit!
Dress: Ally
Fashion Hat: Op Shop
Shoes: Adidas

2. Just Playing Around

I am in love with this jumpsuit and I have been wearing it almost everywhere at the moment. It's fun, playful and super comfy. (Just remember, getting it on and off in public toilets isn't any easy process).
Jumpsuit: Dotti
Top: Cotton On
Shoes: Adidas

3. Simple & Sweet

I wore this clubbing once a year ago and it was super fun to dance around in and super easy to make. All you need is a nice bodysuit and a flowy skirt! Pair that with some sneakers and you will be dancing all night 😉
Bodysuit: City Beach
Skirt: Showpo
Shoes: Vans

4. Free Spirited

I loved this outfit so much I wore it a few days after the festival to the city and beach! Such a cute, flowing outfit that makes you feel free and spirited! I wore bathers underneath this to the beach and it was super casual and comfy.
Skirt: Op Shop
Top: Cotton On
Shoes: City Beach

5. Boyfriends Tee

I wore this outfit to the Listen Out 2019 Festival and it was super comfy! All you really need an oversized T-shirt (and maybe shorts to wear underneath depending on how long the top is). And no, it doesn't need to be your boyfriends, you can get oversized Mens and Womens tops from cheap stores like Kmart. Extra points if it's a band T-Shirt 😉
Shirt: White Fox Boutique
Shoes: Fila

6. Just Flow With It

This outfit only works if your festival isn't on a 40 degree sunny day in Australia! There was no way I was wearing this but I thought it would be a cute, simple outfit for concerts or festivals that aren't too hot haha.
Top: Dotti
Jeans: Kmart
Shoes: City Beach

7. Friday Night Dress

This outfit is super comfy and easy. Maybe you have a fancy dress somewhere hiding in the back of your closet that you haven't worn in a long time? Put makeup on, do your hair up, put on the dress and pair it with a fun/casual pair of shoes you wouldn't normally wear with cocktail dresses.... And you've got yourself a brand new outfit!
Dress: Op Shop
Shoes: Adidas

8. Sexy & Sweet

I loved this outfit! I can't believe I hadn't tried this combination in my closet before but next time I go out clubbing or dancing I am for sure considering this one again. All you need is some tight shorts, a tight top, knee high boots and CONFIDENCE!
Bodysuit: Ally Fashion
Shorts: White Fox Boutique
Boots: Myer

9. Dazzling Denim

Your probably so bored of staple clothing items like these but come on, you can never go wrong with a simple top and a denim skirt or leggings! Spend some time (if you have some) to try new and unique combinations of your staple clothing items like these. You never know what you may find in your wardrobe just by combining new things! I also find Pinterest very handy in situations like these, simply search your item of clothing (e.g. denim skirt outfits) and use it to help you get creative with some of the staples you thought you were bored with. 

10. Cool & Casual

11. Happy Lil' Hippie - (The Chosen One)

This was the outfit I had worn after some not so effortless decision making haha. It was super comfy and I love the fact I can wear it again with different body suits! However, the one thing I do regret.... the Doc Martins. My feet were not happy with me the next day and I still have blisters a week later to remind myself of the Doc decision... eek.
Playsuit: Ally Fashion
Shoes: Doc Martins
There are apps out there where you can document photos of all your clothing items in your closet so you can pair cute outfits together on your phone app! I love this idea however I do not have the patience or time to go through all my clothes and take photos of them 😮 
If you do I highly recommend using an app like this! Otherwise Pinterest is always handy in making decisions like these too.
Love Always,
Ashlyn Ann