Skincare Routine + Glow Lab Review

Whatever your skincare or beauty problem these blogs are here to help you love and treat each one naturally! And what better first beauty blog to make then to show you my very own skincare routine?!
Hi, welcome to my first beauty blog!
I have always been very conscious and self-aware of my skin/beauty regimes. From creating to cursing, I was either stressed out about the spots erupting on my face, pimple poppin’ all the time, watching how-to makeup Youtube videos every afternoon, or creating my own products to use on my skin. To put it vainly, I was obsessed with touching and fixing my face.
Growing up and going through all the normal stages of hormones and puberty I have learnt a lot about skincare and how it means so much more than just pimples and how you look. I wanted to create a space where I spoke about this journey with skincare and open up to you on how I use my holistic beliefs to nourish and care for not only the skin on my face, but the skin everywhere on my body.
To start off this beauty space I decided to start with the basics and show you my current skincare routine!
I say current because my skincare routine changes a lot. I have heard many women who have skin that loves routine and loves to stick with the same products all year round. I am unfortunately not one these women, I use certain products that help my skin for months and then suddenly, my skin will get sick of it and become irritated and breakout. This can get very costly for me, but I'm lucky that I love the testing and creating part of it all!
And when you think about it: Our skin should be an investment, not an expense.
That’s the beauty and joy of skincare: It is such a personal and creative journey.
Yes in high school at the peak of my bad breakouts I used to tear my hair out over what products suited my skin, trying new liquids and abrasive face products to bleach and strip my skin as if getting rid of pimples was just about getting rid of that layer of skin - scrubbing, washing, picking.
I felt like a witch with a cauldron, concocting potions and spells that I found on the internet, desperate to peel off the layers that had blemishes and reveal healthy shiny skin.
But skin doesn’t work like that. It isn’t as easy as saying ‘bippity boppity boo’.
You have to be gentle with your skin because it is a part of your body, a big part at that: It is your biggest organ!
So you need to be careful when you look after it, from pores to elasticity: it all needs lovin’.
Coming out of the dark days of my beauty regime, I have learnt to embrace the beauty of skincare; The trial, error and everything in between.
I've come to realise that that personal journey of discovering what your skin likes, listening to it, and taking care of it is such a beautiful part of loving yourself.
So, now that I have introduced you, I would love to show you what my skincare routine is currently!
I have been using a New Zealand brand called ‘Glow Lab’ that has a range of its products available in Australian stores like Priceline, Big W, Woolworths, etc.
Glow Lab is a natural skincare brand that is, cruelty free, dermatologically-tested and pH balanced. Their aim is to create a skincare range that is kind to the skin and kind to the earth!
All details and products are available at their website: (They even have a blog!)
Both my sister and I use Glow Lab and agree it has such a calming and cleaning effect on your skin. Glow Lab is one of those brands that work really well when you are using it in the correct order with the correct products.
This has been a lot easier in the fact that there has been no mucking around to find another brand of moisturiser that matches a different brands cleanser and what not, it is just all in the one spot and in one transaction. No muss, no fuss.
But I do like the creativity of skincare and I love to mix and match my products and brands, so I cheat a little: My vitamin C serum, toner and masks are a different brands!
So what Glow Lab products do I use? And what products do I use alongside them?
Here is my step by step skincare routine and the products I use:

Glow Lab Crème Cleanser OR Gel Cleanser:

Such soft cleanser that leave your skin squeaky clean without stripping your skin from the nasty chemicals. I prefer the Crème Cleanser as I find it more gentle and calming but they are both beautiful cleansers. These don’t necessarily take off your makeup but most cleansers need a little something beforehand to wipe off the makeup before you use them. I do this with the best makeup remover out there: coconut oil.

Glow Lab Brightening Exfoliator (Once a week):  

If you are looking for an exfoliator that isn’t abrasive on your skin then this is definitely for you. It has the tiniest softest of beads in it using rosehip seeds to leave your skin soft and healthy. I like using this in the morning as it brightens up the skin leaving you with a nice glow without using makeup.


Sukin Hydrating Facial Mist:


This is the most simple and calming face mist I have come across! Not only is it light on your bank but it is so light on your skin. If I am feeling flustered, hot or sick, I spray some of this on my face and immediately feel calmer. You can’t go wrong with such a beautifully simple face mist.


Glow Lab Serum:


I never used a serum before I started using Glow Lab and honestly this added step has stepped up my skincare routine! This serum is designed to reduced irritation, even out skin tone and give your skin a glow. Let me tell you this much, it has done all that. Couldn’t be happier with how much this serum glows up my skin.


Glow Lab Eye Serum:


This is a little product I picked up just because I had heard the hype about eye serums but never had tried one before. I noticed a difference straight away, not that I had many at my age, but the lines under my eyes smoothed out and the bags seemed less…. Baggy? I don’t know what exactly eye serums can do but it definitely did something!


Derma-E Vitamin C Serum: Game. Freaking. Changer.


This has to be the highlight of today’s blog (no pun intended). This immediately lifts up your skin and makes it glow! I had heard so many great things about Vitamin C serum but never took it seriously enough to try it but it is a must to try. This product has drastically made my skin appear healthier, glowy and even. Not only this, it helps reduce and prevent wrinkles!


Glow Lab Facial Moisturiser/Night Cream:


I have always been cautious of moisturisers as I can tend to suffer from oily skin if I use heavy products. However, these Glow Lab moisturisers are nice and light on the skin while also fixing all your dry skin problems! These products are a perfect end to your skincare routine.


(I also use a face mask once a week and use and a live changing home microdermabrasion tool which I will get into in future blogs.)


And that’s my skincare routine! I will keep you up to date if I make any changes to it, which I probably will knowing me. But in the meantime, I will continue showing you more natural beauty tips and tricks. Stay tuned for more exciting things to come!


Love always,

Ashlyn Ann