Tips to Growing Healthy Hair

We’ve all been at that stage with our hair where we just want a change, whether it be after a break up, before going off to a new school, new job, or simply just because we are bored. However, for me this urge came on more frequently than my hair could handle.
Ever since I was a kid I have been cutting, dyeing and drastically changing my poor hair every few months. One month I would chop all my hair off because I wanted to feel liberated and new. While I might of loved this for a few weeks, the next month I would be frantically massaging oil into my hair while googling other ways to speed up my hair growth. Let’s not even get into my thought process of going from dark brown, to streaks, to red, back to brown, then to blonde, no back to brown, no wait dark blonde, wait maybe I should cut it? UGHHH.
2017: Trying to reverse a really bad bleach that seriously damaged my hair. Eeek!
I have recently gone from blonde back to brown due to the health condition my hair was in, but before this I hadn't died or cut my hair in a year. Whether I got too busy, I didn’t have the money or I was just plain lazy, but I only occasionally went to the hair salon for regular trims. After this year break, my hair is the best it has been in years! Not to mention the growth it has accomplished over that time without the chemicals and constant changes.
We have all been at that point with our hair where we just want it to grow 6 inches overnight. But unfortunately, this isn’t how it works, and our hair growth goals take time, lots of it, and this comes with patience.
2019: Before I made the change to brunette.. AGAIN.
My number one tip that you must learn before trying to grow your hair is patience. Understand that your hair growth is like any growth, for example your height, it takes time and pulling your hair out over it isn’t going to help (pun intended). Many times, when I was growing my hair out I got annoyed at how long it was taking, and I’d get bored with my hair, so I’d go get it cut, only to regret it a few days later. The past year I have been too busy (and lazy) to go get my hair dyed or cut, and that helped to not fixate on how bored I was with it; hence it grew so fast without me even thinking about it! Keeping patience in mind there are so many other tips and tricks that your hair is going to love which will help you out with those hair growth goals!
2017 to Current: Fixing my damaged hair little by little, with these tips!

1) Get it cut girl.

Now I know this contradicts what I was just saying about getting your hair cut all the time but hear me out! I’m not talking inches of your hair being cut off, I’m talking split end cuts. Cutting your hair doesn’t help hair grow, but our hair still needs to be trimmed from time to time as it helps the hair grow healthy, shiny, thick and it decreases breakage.

2) Wait out your decisions.

Picture this, you are scrolling through Pinterest and find a gorgeous Instagram model with stunning, short, effortless, blonde hair that you think would look amazing on you! You’re right, it probably would look amazing on you but let’s think about it: You want to grow your out but you are sick of it, so you impulsively get this amazing Pinterest hairstyle and for weeks you absolutely love it but after a while you’re sort of sick of trying to style it and you start looking at other Pinterest photos of gorgeous long hair, wishing you hadn’t put yourself further back in those hair growth goals. We are all guilty of the boredom that hair growth comes with, so when you find yourself thinking of impulsively cutting off all your hair, wait out the decision. Wait a few weeks or even months and see if you still want the hair cut then, I guarantee most of you will remember those hair growth goals and continue working for them! If not, go for it girl.

3) Get Rubbing.

Oil conditioning treatments are a life saver! When I feel my hair is getting to a 'slow growth point' I love doing these treatments because not only does it stimulate hair growth, but it acts as a mask to condition your hair, making it healthy and shiny. Depending on what your hair needs there are so many oils out there that have amazing properties. I recommend researching what oils can best target your hair needs and go from there! Here are my personal favourites:
I love using coconut oil as it’s easy to get your hands on and it is extremely hydrating. You just warm it up, flick your head/hair upside down, then slowly massage the oil onto your scalp. After this, let the oil sit for 20-30min then wash it out in the shower using your regular shampoo and conditioner routine.
Essential oils are also a great way to help with hair growth by incorporating them into your scalp massages. All you need is a few drops of the oil in your hand, flick your head/hair upside down and start massaging your scalp. The top essential oils that stimulate hair growth are peppermint oil, tea tree oil and lemon oil. (Be aware, this may make your scalp a little... oily)

4) Eat your vitamins.

I can’t stress this one enough, because getting your vitamins is the best way to ensure healthy fast hair growth. Not only does your body need the nutrients but your also hair needs them to grow and be healthy. Some of the best nutrients that promote hair growth are: Protein, Biotin, Zinc, Iron, vitamins A, B, C, D & E and omega-3 fatty acids. You can get these in supplements or by eating healthy nutrient rich foods. The best hair growth boosting superfoods are: Oily fish (salmon), eggs, sweet potatoes, berries, spinach, oysters, avocado, nuts (almonds), sunflower seeds, etc. (Choose foods that are high in these nutrients) Staying hydrated is also very important, (For more reasons than just hair growth).

5) Ditch the heat.

We all know that putting a 100+ degree iron on our hair is not the best for it in terms of damage and breakage, meaning this also could be stopping you from reaching your hair growth goals. I know ditching the heat is the hardest thing when it comes to stopping hair damage; I love my straightener and curling iron too! Just start by trying to use them less, and if you do use them, please use heat protector, (Your hair will thank you). If you are stuck, there are so many ways on Google you can straighten and curl your hair naturally with no heat. Search “No heat hair styling” and you already have access to so many ways you can straighten, curl and style your locks with no heat.

6) Avoid…… THE BREAKAGE!

Avoiding breakage is hard, sometimes we can’t pin point what exactly it is that makes our hair break on us. The goal is to understand what your hair likes and what it doesn’t like and adjust accordingly through trial and error. Everyone has different hair types, so everyone’s hair reacts to certain things differently! If your hair is anything like mine, it breaks at the sight of a brush, so I brush the top and avoid brushing the ends, and when I do brush the ends I brush slow and softly. There are many ways that can help reduce breakage such as, not wrapping your hair in towels, using silk pillowcases, not using a brush on wet hair (use a wide tooth comb), avoid tight hairstyles, dry your hair naturally, use anti-breakage products, etc. Most hair growth tips will help you in some way to avoid or fix breakage anyway but sometimes tiny adjustments like these can go a long way as well.

7) Go all natural.

Use natural ingredients!! Meaning no chemicals and no stripping. Applying harsh chemicals to your hair can cause more damage to it then good and when you apply these products to your head they also get absorbed into your skin and then into your body which is not something we want. Natural ingredients in our hair products not only stimulates the hair follicles and encourages hair growth but it is also a lot healthier for your hair by not stripping it or causing more damage like chemicals do. Natural ingredients are kinder to the environment and your head so why wouldn’t you make the switch!

8) Protect it from the sun.

I use argon oil on the ends of my hair which helps protect the ends from sun damage. Some people put a little bit of sunscreen on their hair line where the sunlight hits, but with my oily hair I stay clear of doing this. Aside from these all I can say is: WEAR A HAT. I know this may ruin your hairstyle in the moment and can be annoying, but think of the damage the sun does without it to your hair! Let’s be honest, that ruins our hairstyle and is more annoying in the long run then a hat. So next time you are out shopping, get yourself a cute wide brim hat or stylish cap to protect your hair.

9) Stress Less.

Reduce Stress: I always used to laugh at this one when I saw it, like as if reducing my stress was as easy as that. However, recently I have learnt that my stress levels are a big contributor to my hair loss. If I am particularly anxious or stressed one week, I find my hair is falling out a lot more than the weeks I am calmer and exercising! I know sometimes trying to find time to wind down and reduce stress just adds more stress to your daily routine, but please at least take a little time out of your day. Whether this is mediation, baths, exercise, reading, cooking, etc. Whatever helps you wind down, take at least 10-20 min out of your day to de-stress. Your well being and your hair will thank you.

10) The Magic of a Wooden or Boar Bristle Brush.

Using a boar bristle brush or a wooden brush not only makes your hair look shiny and healthy, but it also helps hair growth. Using this type of brush helps the natural oils in your scalp to distribute to the tips of your hair while also massaging your head, which stimulates hair growth. Not only this, they are completely affordable and helps frizz!
I hope you have found at least one or two helpful tips here that you can start incorporating into your hair care routine!
If you are finding it hard, start with a few and gradually work your way up to incorporating all of them in your hair care routine. Even with a few you are already closer to your goals, ensuring you are patient with yourself, your hair and with the tips you are incorporating.
I wish you and your hair all the best! I’d love to know your tips and tricks that I’ve missed here, so please feel free to let me in on your hair growth secrets as well!
Love always,
Ashlyn Ann