• Pumpkin & Goats Cheese Frittata

    We all need that one recipe, the one that stays at the front of your cookbook - not only because it's a family favourite but because it is so easy to make and so easy to store in the fridge for lunches! For me, this is one of those recipes that I hope to never get sick of making. This can last in the fridge up to 3-4 days (longer in the freezer), making it an amazing meal to make on a Sunday/Monday for the week ahead.
  • Healthy Muffin Recipe - Vegan/Paleo

    I understand how hard it can be finding that perfect recipe that satisfies your sweet tooth while also not leaving you feeling guilty after it. That is why I want to share this amazing muffin recipe I use when baking for friends, family or myself!  It is a much loved, yummy for all recipe you MUST try!
  • Easy Protein Ball Recipe

    Protein balls are so versatile, they travel easy, and they are such a great healthy alternative to sweets. However, finding the right recipe can be hard as in this busy day and age. You don’t want to be spending lots of your valuable time gathering the ingredients and making a complex recipe for protein balls, however you don’t want a recipe that is so simple that there is no creativity in it, and it tastes bland. That is why I am sharing with you my simple yet highly versatile recipe for making protein balls!
  • Healthy Banana Bread (Paleo Friendly)

    Personally, I struggle finding things to eat for breakfast. In the morning I just don't feel like the typical breakfast foods (eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, toast, etc.), but I know if I don't eat anything I will feel sick, not to mention everyone knows it's important to "break the fast". So I started thinking of ways I could get over this breakfast "slump" and I thought banana bread was such a nice, fun and filling breakfast treat that will not only motivate me to eat but give me lot's of energy for the day!
  • Substituting Snacks: Crap to Clean

    Is your Potato Crisps and cans of Coca-Cola begging you to keep them each time you desperately try clear out all the junk food in the pantry? Are you struggling to let go of those yummy snacks that your taste buds love but your stomach seems to feel the opposite toward? Sometimes it's just as easy as substituting!