• How To "Stay On Top Of It All"

    I went to an interview once where I explained to the interviewer that I worked part time, studied two degrees full time, and I ran a small business on the side. He looked at me confused and asked, “how do you manage having so much on your plate all the time”, in which I struggled coming up with an answer and eventually said, “I guess I’m just really passionate about it all and I have just learnt to time manage.”
  • Essential Oil Blends

    There are so many essential oils out there that sometimes it can get so overwhelming deciding which ones to buy and what blends to create! That’s why I have created a list of my favourite oil blends that I just love diffusing and using to create candles.
  • Ways To Save Our Earth

    As I am sure most of you are aware, there is a big need for the world to step up and save the earth. I could give you a big spiel about how important it is to bring awareness to climate change and what we are/aren’t doing as humans for the earth but I'm sure everyone already knows this… It’s everywhere on social media. So instead, I am going to inform you on ways you as an individual can start making a change. Because petitions, strikes and rants are a start but the best way to love the earth is to start being kinder to it through more environmentally friendly lifestyle changes - So yes, habits are going to need to be broken. 
  • Bedtime Yoga Routine - 14 Poses

    I get it, you are tired throughout the day craving sleep or even a nap, but then when it comes time, your head hits the pillow only to find yourself buzzing with energy! After nights of going through this frustration I made it my goal to ensure I was doing some sort of yoga/meditation routine every night before bed to help. Now I'd be lying if I said I kept my promise of doing this every single night but on the nights I do it, I find I am much more relaxed and comfortable the second my head hits that pillow.
  • 10 Must Watch Shows on Netflix

    We have all been there: Spending minutes, even hours, sitting there scrolling through netflix deciding what to watch. It sucks! And by the time it took to finally pick one, you could have watched an episode or two by now and you've just wasted all that time!Well, that's where this list is here to help. This is my top 10 favourite shows on Netflix at the moment that I think you should definitely give a go. (With Gifs!)
  • Controlling the Uncontrollable

    So here I am at 11pm, the night before my first exam. I guess you could say that I was freaking petrified to start the next 2 months of 8 exams, but that would be an understatement. I am a pit of anxiety, stress and coffee at the moment, with a splash of determination.
  • Introducing Me

    Welcome to my first blog for my new website! Introducing who I am, why I'm here and what's in store for the future. Here is me, finally putting a pen to paper and creating a space to help people, entertain people and share my creativity. Enjoy! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Such a simple question attached to so many connotations because it’s the question of oblivion really. Time after time we disappear into the connotations of this question. We disappear into the when, why and where of it all.