10 Must Watch Shows on Netflix

We have all been there: Spending minutes, even hours, sitting there scrolling through netflix deciding what to watch. It sucks! And by the time it took to finally pick one, you could have watched an episode or two by now and you've just wasted all that time!Well, that's where this list is here to help. This is my top 10 favourite shows on Netflix at the moment that I think you should definitely give a go. (With Gifs!)

1) You

You must have already heard of this one! This mysteriously intriguing TV show is great if you loved Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. It involves a bookstore manager who comes across an aspiring writer and becomes, well let’s say 'smitten over her'. It is full of love, lies and mystery that will leave you on the edge of your seat/bed. You may fall in love with Penn Badgley and his character in this TV show at first, but don't feel bad as most of us were guilty of this despite his....well let’s just say flaws.

2) Schitt$ Creek

This hilarious series is about a rich family that lost all of their money and assets, except one; A small town called Schitt’s Creek that Johnny Rose brought his son as a joke a few years before. This TV show is all about their new life at Schitt’s Creek, surviving together with the new lifestyle change. The Rose family are so hilarious and cute, I struggle to pick who my favourite character is. This one is a must watch for a good 20 min of laughter and "awww" moments. 

3) Love

Gus, a nice dorky guy comes into Mickey, a broken wild child’s life, to help each other figure out what love is. They meet at rough points in their lives and although have many differences, they keep coming back to each other and falling in love. It is a story of love, loss, drama and adventure. This one is such a funny and adorable show for those with busy lifestyles, with short 20-30min episodes.

4) Sex Education

This show is not for the light-hearted as it contains quite a number of sex references and scenes, as you'd assume by the title. It is about a young teenage boy struggling to come to terms with the fact that his mother is a Sex Therapist. While starting to gain social status at high school his new friends realise he has a gift at giving sex advice, and from there coming up with a great money-making scheme at school. It’s full of lust, love and funny moments. A must watch, (As long as your parents aren’t in the same room!).

5) Jane the Virgin

Jane has remained a virgin all through her life, which is why it came us a surprise to her when she found out she was pregnant! This is a brilliant drama-filled TV show that represents Jane’s life, which to her, now seems more like the Telenovelas that she used to watch and love as a kid. These 40 min episodes are full of romance, drama, mystery, crime and parenthood. It quite literally has everything in one TV show.

6) Friends from College

They became friends at Harvard College and even in their 40's they still remain good friends…. With complications. This series is full of love, complicated relationships, twists, turns, and humour while this group of friends try to survive adulthood together. A great one to watch with your friend, sister or partner! (Warning: This one is so easy to get trapped into binge watching.) 

7) Atypical

This show is a light-hearted comedy following Sam who is a teenager on the autism spectrum. This TV show follows everything from his dating life, family life and high school life, showing us his growth in independence and change. It is such a beautiful show full of love, laughter and sadness. A real and feel good show that is great to watch with the family.

8) Lovesick

Dylan is a hopeless romantic with a list of women from his past that he must contact after being diagnosed with an STD. In this TV show you see flashbacks of his past and the lessons he has learned on the way with his two friends Evie and Luke. A beautiful romantic comedy that will get you emotional and joyful all at the same time. Oh, and did I mention they are British too? 

9) Grace and Frankie

Grace, and Frankie have always disliked each other, until their husbands announce they are in love with each other and their lives start crumbling around them. Despite their dislike and differences towards each other, they find they start to rely on each other and create a strong bond through their adventures as newly single women. It’s full of rebellion, humour, love, loss and family while Grace and Frankie try to create a new life as best friends in their 70's. You will absolutely fall in love with these polar opposite characters!

10) Workin' Mums

This show follows the lives of 4 mums in a mother’s group, where they form friendships and together they struggle juggling work life and mum life. My favourite thing about this show is that it doesn't just target the 'mother' audience, (I know men who even love it and find it hilarious!). It is full of comedy, tears, tantrums, careers and families. A great watch for anyone and everyone.
So there you have it! My top 10 favourite TV shows o Netflix that I believe you should definitely give a chance.
So what are you waiting for? Grab some tea and a blanket, park yourself in front of your laptop/TV and get watching!
Love Always,
Ashlyn Ann