Bedtime Yoga Routine - 14 Poses

I get it, you are tired throughout the day craving sleep or even a nap, but then when it comes time, your head hits the pillow only to find yourself buzzing with energy! After nights of going through this frustration I made it my goal to ensure I was doing some sort of yoga/meditation routine every night before bed to help. Now I'd be lying if I said I kept my promise of doing this every single night but on the nights I do it, I find I am much more relaxed and comfortable the second my head hits that pillow.
If I am not doing mediation/deep breathing, I am doing some form of yoga before I hit the hay. To make things easier for all of us, I made this little bedtime yoga routine you can do that incorporates positions that have been known to help wind down, relax and sleep!
It is totally up to you how long you want to stay in these positions but I like to keep it quick and simple: I do 20 seconds in each position with deep breathes. (I say deep breathes because it shouldn't be rushed, as this is meant for relaxation! Sometimes when we stretch we find ourselves holding our breathe. I encourage you in this routine, to remind yourself to breathe because that is what is going to make a huge difference in your mindset and muscle relaxation.)

Let's get started!

Pose 1: Cat and Cow

Begin on your hands and knees with wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Inhale in cow pose as you lift your chin and chest, and then exhale in cat pose as you draw your belly to your spine and round your back. (Feet can be on toes or flat)

Pose 2: Upward Facing Dog

Lie on the floor with your legs back and the tops of your feet against the floor. Push yourself off the floor while inhaling, straighten your arms and lift your torso up. The difference between this pose and the Cobra is all in the legs and pelvis being off the ground. (Do not put strain on your neck as I have done taking this photograph, ensure head is forward and not strained - The things we do for photographs)

Pose 3: Child's Pose

Allow your forehead to drop to the floor and keep your arms extended. Soften and relax your lower back while letting all tension drain away. Keep eyes closed and focus on breathing.

Pose 4: Camel Pose

Start by kneeling upright with knees a hip-distance apart. Rotate your thighs inward and press your shins and the tops of your feet against the floor. Lengthen your tailbone down toward the floor and widen the back of your pelvis. Lean back and reach back while holding onto each heel. Ensure you keep your thighs perpendicular to the floor, with your hips directly over your knees. Ensure you are inhaling and exhaling as you feel this stretch.

Pose 5: Hero Pose

Sitting up straight, drop your shoulders away from your ears and lengthen your tailbone to the floor. Lay your hands on your thighs and gaze down to your cheeks. Practising deep breathing here.

Pose 6: Butterfly Pose

Beginning sitting down with bottoms of feet pressed together. Touch feet with hands and bring body forward to feel the stretch. Practice deep breathing here.

Pose 7: Sukhassana with crossed leg

We all know this one! You can do this crossed legs, feet on thighs, hands on knees, etc. It doesn't particularly matter because the most important part of this exercise is deep breathing and being comfortable.

Pose 8: Cow Face (Gomukhasana)

Sit up tall as you stack your knees directly on top of each other and clasp your hands behind your back.

Pose 9: Parivita Sukhasna

Sitting up straight, twist your body and place your hand on the ground behind you for support while the other hand rest on the opposite knee. Ensure you are looking straight ahead and not straining your neck or eyes.

Pose 10: Bridge 

This one is such a good stretch and is so fun! Just remember to keep deep breathing and relax. 

Pose 11: Pavanamuktasana

(Note here: The goal is to have your heels closer to your buttox)

Pose 12: Supine Spinal Twist 

Lying down, bring your knee over your opposite leg and support with the opposite hand. Bring other arm out to open your chest and airways, keeping your head/gaze following this arm.

Pose 13: Corpse Pose

Focus on deep breathing and relaxation.

Pose 14: Viparita Karani

(I had a little fun with this one, but really your legs should both be straight up in the air. So with this one, do as I say not as I do.) - With this one you can also use a block under your lower back for support.
And that's all folks! A simple yoga routine that will get you relaxed and sleepy in no time. Sweet Dreams xoxo
Love always,
Ashlyn Ann 
(Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional not do I have any qualifications in yoga. Please perform at your own risk and do get advice from trained professionals if unsure.)