Ways To Save Our Earth

As I am sure most of you are aware, there is a big need for the world to step up and save the earth. I could give you a big spiel about how important it is to bring awareness to climate change and what we are/aren’t doing as humans for the earth but I'm sure everyone already knows this… It’s everywhere on social media. So instead, I am going to inform you on ways you as an individual can start making a change. Because petitions, strikes and rants are a start but the best way to love the earth is to start being kinder to it through more environmentally friendly lifestyle changes - So yes, habits are going to need to be broken. We aren’t going to make a change if we don’t begin making changes ourselves because to be frank, we are all part of the problem and have a responsibility on this earth – no matter the age, generation or country. Small acts multiplied by millions of people make a huge difference in the scheme of things.
So here are some great ways to make a difference in saving planet!

Reduce, reuse and recycle

We all know the word ‘recycle’ but how many of us actually know how to? We all need a lesson in recycling. The best way to do this is to get googling and take the time to understand the three different bins and what items go into which bins. Another great thing to learn is composting! This is such a handy way to get rid of your food scraps while helping the environment. Another example of recycling is using recyclable bags. And no, I don’t mean the plastic bags that they sell at supermarkets for 15c for when you forget to bring your shopping bags. I mean material bags that you use repeatedly… No plastics - Bio-degradable bags are a must for the environment. There is so many things you can recycle, from donating clothes to using old newspapers as a bin bag – Look around your house and think ‘recycling' to get creative with reusing.

Use Less Plastic

Now we all know that plastic is one of the biggest killers to the environment but limiting it is a challenge. Some easy ways to cut back on plastic is using BPA free reusable bottles, using recyclable bags, storing food and meals in glass jars/containers, swapping to metal or bamboo straws, using a reusable coffee cup, packing lunch in a stainless lunch box, using beeswax paper instead of plastic glad wrap, and so much more!

Sort Out Your Bathroom

On the subject of plastic, this brings me onto the next big killer of our earth… Our bathrooms! When you think about it our bathrooms are full of plastics, toxins and all that nasty stuff; Right from our plastic shampoo bottles to our deodorant antiperspirants. Some ways we minimise plastic in our bathrooms are:
  • Avoid plastic bottles by using soaps/shampoos in bar form
  • Using natural deodorant in bar or paste form – Not the spray kind that has aluminium and nasty chemicals in it
  • Don’t use a plastic loofah – Use a bamboo brush and/or sustainable fibres
  • Use bamboo toothbrush and try opting for toothpaste in a glass jar or metal tube
  • Bamboo hairbrush – This is much better for your hair too!
  • Don’t use plastic disposable razors – Use the kind you reuse and just change the blade
  • Ladies: Use a menstrual cup!! Not only is it better for the environment than tampons and pads but it is so much better for your lady bits. Other options are also washable cloth pads and plastic free organic cotton pads
Another tip for your bathroom is be vigilant with your water usage. I struggle with this one myself as I love my showers! However, we all know reducing our water usage is one of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint and in turn help the earth out.

Reduce Meat Consumption

It is said that animal agriculture is responsible for 13-18% human-caused greenhouse gas emissions globally while fossil fuel combustion for energy and transportation is responsible for 64% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions globally. So it's not a big secret that animal agriculture is one of the biggest destroyers of the earth. Therefore, it is important for us to reduce our meat consumption in order to make a significant change in this industry. I am not recommending cutting meat out altogether but even just a ‘Meatless Monday’ type movement would really make a difference!

Cruelty-free Products

Always look for sustainable, cruelty-free alternatives to your products. Not only is this saving the animals, but these products tend to be more eco-friendly and a lot more natural for you (less toxic chemicals in them). And, most cruelty-free brands have amazing values and work for a cause, so I just love putting my money into something that helps the environment rather than hurt it.
Some Australian cruelty-free brands are:
  • Inika
  • Organic Aesop
  • Sukin
  • Zuii Organic
  • Nude by Nature
  • Natio
  • Too Faced Cosmetics
  • Lush
  • The Body Shop
  • NYX
  • e.l.f
  • yesto


Donating your clothes, toys, and appliances to charity is not only recycling and reusing but it is also helping people in need. Another great way is to donate money to charities that help the environment!
Some amazing charities to donate to are:
  • The Wilderness Society
  • 350.org
  • Greenpeace Australia Pacific
  • Natural Resources Defence Council
  • Sierra Club
  • Global Footprint Network
  • Earth Day Network
  • Friends of the Earth
  • World Wide Fund for Nature Australia
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Ocean Conservancy

Bamboo is Your Best Friend

Bamboo is an amazing way to replace your plastics as it is a renewable resource, it absorbs greenhouse gases, it's the fastest growing plant on earth, and it's an easy eco-friendly production. Bamboo replaces so many plastics such as our toothbrushes, hair brushes, straws, utensils, etc. Bamboo feels amazing when it’s made into clothes or blankets too.The sky is the limit with this material!

Get Crafty!

The best way to commit to being environmentally friendly is to have a creative mindset. Swap your thinking from, “this is a load of junk” to “what could I use this for?”. Not only does this help with recycling but creativity can also help by making your own skincare products, deodorants, jewellery, etc. Which is a great way to have natural products in non-plastic storage.

Grow Plants

Yes, this is your free ticket to go and buy all the plants you want!! From planting a tiny herb garden to a big tree, giving the earth more green improves air quality, promotes biodiversity, and reduces climate change. Not only all of this but it can improve your mental state and make you happier too! What better way to help nature by planting, feeding and nourishing it.

Get Organised

Not to scare you but this is a big change... it’s a lifestyle change. Like any bad habit that’s hard to break, if you don’t get organised and sort your shit out then you probably will fail and go back to your old ways. So, start with a plan, use this list and get googling on ways to recycle, ways to store your food, ways to create skincare products, lists of eco-friendly brands, lists of environmental charities, etc. Write everything down and create a game plan. My favourite way to do this is to list every room in the house and then from this, list what are they main toxic/plastic products in each room and how can I change/replace each? From here you can clearly see what needs changing and slowly work through the list by making small changes to each room.
As humans, we aren’t perfect and replacing bad habits with good ones is a difficult task so this process isn’t meant to be easy - If it was easy the earth would not be in a crisis. But like anything, start with small changes and work your way up. Don’t beat yourself up for falling back into old patterns, simply remind yourself why you are doing it and begin again. I think it’s time we all stop waiting for someone else to do it, step up, take responsibility and just love this god damn earth.
Love always,
Ashlyn Ann